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Using our dry mist dispensing machines, a fine dry mist of negatively charged hydroxyl ions goes up and around all exposed surfaces, killing 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, spores, including mould and fungi. The disinfection technology uses the chemical interaction of hydrogen peroxide and AgNo3 (silver cations) in combination to produce the 99.9999% kill rate.The by-products of the disinfection process are water, oxygen, and ionic silver. The invisible layer of silver dissipates rapidly, depending upon the activity in the room, but while it remains, it provides a powerful antimicrobial layer in its own right, that is completely harmless to people or animals. The fogging process will not damage sensitive electronics, surfaces, or substances, and the treated surface does not require wiping before reuse.No Rinse.No Wipe.No Cross-Contamination.

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We Bring Hospital Grade Disinfection To Your Facilities & Homes

What is COVID-19?

Coronaviruses (CoV) have been identified as human pathogens since the 1960’s. Coronaviruses infect humans and many other vertebrates . Illness in humans is mostly respiratory or gastrointestinal infections, however symptoms can range from the common cold to more severe lower respiratory infections such as pneumonia [1]. A broad range of coronaviruses are found in bats, which might play a crucial role in the virus evolution of alpha– and betacoronavirus lineages in particular. However, other animal species can also act as an intermediate host and animal reservoir.

Zoonotic coronaviruses have emerged in recent years to cause human outbreaks, such as the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003 and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) since 2012.

Additional zoonotic coronaviruses have emerged and caused outbreaks in humans: SARS-CoV (2002, Betacoronavirus, subgenus Sarbecovirus), and MERS-CoV (2012, Betacoronavirus, subgenus Merbecovirus). In late 2019, a novel coronavirus related to a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China (SARS-CoV-2) was identified. The SARS-CoV-2 is closely related to SARS-CoV and genetically clusters within Betacoronavirus subgenus Sarbecovirus

How To Stay Safe

Clean and disinfect – According to CDC

Studies in offices have shown that germs can spread from an infected person to the entire office in 2–4 hours via contaminated touchpoints. They all need regular cleaning and disinfecting with approved products to ensure protection from infection.

Poor hand hygiene is a particular problem because people frequently cough and sneeze into their hands or touch their mouth or nose, providing a ready means to spread the coronavirus to everything they touch. The virus can be transferred to other people when they touch a contaminated surface and become infected when they touch their mouth, nose or eyes.In hospitals, schools, social care, offices, retail outlets, hotels, and public transport, there are many key touch points that people commonly share, including:

  • door handles
  • supermarket trolleys and baskets
  • cash points
  • petrol pumps
  • rubbish bins
  • kitchen and dining surfaces
  • taps, kettles
  • toilet flush handles or buttons
  • stair rails, handrails, grab handles and grab rails
  • recycling areas
  • vehicles

Why Us?



Cleaning and disinfecting areas and objects play an essential role in protecting people from COVID-19. It’s critical in returning a site to safe use after an infected person has visited your premises.

As a facilities manager, you’ll need to ask the following questions.

  • How quickly can I get my facilities up and running again?
  • Are my premises virus-free and are the surfaces in my premises safe to touch and use again?
  • What hygiene procedures and virus control measures do I need to put in place immediately?
  • How do I develop a strategy to implement robust hygiene standards in my organisation?
  • What do I need to do to comply with changing regulations and how do I safeguard against this happening again?

You may have cleaners that do regular cleaning tasks, but controlling a highly infectious virus causing a pandemic requires a higher level of expertise and control measures that only a professional service can provide.

Our Process


We provide disinfection services for various sites. Using different disinfection methods based on the needs and the space that requires disinfection. We offer the following disinfecting options:

    Through this process, the chemicals are sprayed using a fogging machine on the premises. The pathogens immediately die as they come in contact with the chemicals. Not only does it kills the microbes in the air but also on the surface of your furniture or floor.
    We use a sophisticated electrostatic machine to emit electrostatically-charged disinfectant that instead of floating in the air wraps itself on to the surface of objects around. As the chemical forms a protective layer on the surface of the object its effect stays longer. Through this process, the microbes hiding in the hard to reach areas are also destroyed, allowing greater coverage.
    This process is used only to clean carpets and upholstery. The high temperature kills all the pathogens and microorganisms rooted deep in these areas.

Moonbeam™ 3

Hospital grade disinfection we bringing to homes & offices

Equip Your Facility With The Added Assurance Of UV-C Disinfection

A game-changing angle for targeted disinfection – This portable, powerful solution disinfects quickly, reliably and responsibly. MoonBeam3 is designed for fast, on-demand disinfection of high-touch surfaces in patient rooms, operating rooms and bathrooms and can be used on patient care equipment, fixtures, keyboards, monitors and work stations on wheels (WOWs).

Three individually-adjustable, articulating arms can be positioned at almost any angle to target the UVC light, enabling improved UVC dosing with reduced energy. Users can position the heads to optimize UVC dosing of surfaces and equipment. This flexible device is easily positioned throughout a room or facility to enable fast and effective disinfection cycles.

Cost-effective disinfection assurance – MoonBeam3 is affordable to own and operate. It is quick and easy to use, with operation cycles as short as 3 minutes. Its unique design allows the device to be used in more places and its targeted, high efficiency dosing increases speed, allowing reduced labor and operation costs. MoonBeam3 adds assurance above and beyond your manual cleaning and disinfection process, reducing the risk for patients and staff. It is simple to use and periodic maintenance is limited to bulb replacement, with no tools required.

Lumitester Smart

Germ tester we use before and after treatment

The luminometer for rapid hygiene monitoring

The Lumitester Smart offers high sensitivity detection and wireless connection capabilities.

  • Hygiene monitoring in three easy steps
  • Visualize the data with App
  • Access from anywhere with cloud storage

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Hospital grade disinfection we are bringing to
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